West Loop Residences

Chicago, Illinois
A kitchen in an open floor plan with light wood floors and white walls. Teal kitchen chairs are centered around a white circular coffee table and coral, gold, white, and teal decorations are scattered throughout
Two teal kitchen chairs near a white coffee table with a bed in the background and light green sofa and living room on the right. Wall art of various sizes on the walls
White bed nook with low profile wooden shelving around and multicolored pillows on top. To the right a light pink side table and light green couch can be seen with large windows on the far end of the room
Medium color wooden kitchen table and bench with 4 dark teal chairs surrounding the table. The table is fully set for a meal and there is a breakfast nook with two stools on the left
Open floor plan with white walls and gray floor. There's a carmel colored modernist couch and standing lamp with white bulbs facing a coffee table with geometric decorations and a vase on it. In the background there is wall art, a mirror, side table with books, and a low wooden cabinet
A far away shot of a kitchen setting with a side table with books stacked on top in focus. There's a rounded olive green couch facing towards the camera
Paddock Lake HouseRiver North Lounge