Having a little (too much) fun with florals...

I’ve been waist deep in a whole home accessory and style project in Naperville, and this was just a small part of my dried floral haul. I crafted each of these arrangements by hand, using their destined locations and their vases as inspiration for each palette.

I absolutely love integrating florals and botanicals in the home. Scents and colors are very powerful feels, and it’s wild how they can ground us, beckon us in to nostalgic places, or take us away to realms of fantasy. They are incredible tools to affect a mood. [Naperville, IL]

New acquisition...

These casters are ready to roll, babies…

I picked up this Victorian slipper chair at auction and am totally smitten. It’s not for sale *yet* as I’m keeping my eyes peeled for an interior project that might be a happy fit…  ( feel free to convince me otherwise though! )

Original caster feet and striped silk upholstery. This little shorty was lovingly crafted from fruitwood over 120 years ago! Still very much fit for use - Ease onto its low profile and slip on your shoes in maximum comfort and style. Like royalty. 

In other news: Sneak peek of my new studio space! I’m slowing cleaning out my grandmother’s midcentury ranch house in Libertyville, IL to convert into a studio / material library, and a place to store more furnishings like this one. I’ll still be living and working in my home studio in Chicago, as well, but it will be nice to have a little extra space to spread my wings. More updates as I continue to build. [Libertyville, IL]

Making moods material IS magic...

Welcome to our first edition! I hope to continue this series for every project tackled. I always share a preliminary version of this board with my clients prior to production.

This final take was a really fun way to reflect on process and document all the finishing touches cohesively.This particular board was lovingly crafted for my Naperville clients. They wanted to evoke an earthy, organic feel across their upstairs living spaces. Their interior was already blanketed with neutral colors, fabrics, and natural woods. So, we took it to the next level with pops of green marble, amethyst velvet, and warm oak. Aged brass metallics for accent, mixed with silver and brushed nickel. Woven caning for texture. All to complement their very jamming abstract art collection.

Items represented on this board: Paint schemes, dining table and chairs, lighting, living room sofa, side tables, coffee table, kitchen stools, cabinetry.

Completion images coming this summer! This was a whole home design, and we could not be happier with the results. [Naperville, IL]

Rebranding never looked so easy on the eyes...

But it has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done as a small business owner!!

A year and a half in the making, and it’s almost here folks. New business cards, new website, new focus, same Lex.

A few big announcements coming soon, but I wanted to share some of the new look meantime. It’s cleaner, calmer, and better balanced. Gold foil edge always and forever.

Interior design will continue to be my main jam this year (and beyond). My role as a doula / community worker is taking a thoughtfully re-invented back seat for now. [Chicago, IL]

Making magic in this mudroom...


I’m starting to place the final touches on a whole home / new build project in Naperville. We’re moving into the styling phase, and I had maybe too much fun with this little vignette.

These clients wanted to evoke an earthy, organic, calming feel in their main living areas. So we chose a dark blue-green finish for the custom cabinetry in their mudroom, with natural oak details.

More completion images to come in the next few months! This project was quite the pleasure. [Naperville, IL]

Cold January days are for color matching...

I’ve been studio-bound largely for the last month. Can’t complain, as it’s been a cozy affair and allowed for a lot of needed creativity. I’ve been sketching, writing, and of course fine tuning designs for clients.

Color palette creation and material matching is a huge part of my design process. We bring imagined colorways and textures to life with paint, stain, fabric, metal, stone, wood, glass and a myriad of other materials. And, it all starts with a swatch or sample.

More soon on various step-by-steps! Many roads lead to Rome. [Chicago, IL]

In tribute to George Nelson’s iconic Coconut chair (c. 1956)...

I designed these cards as a little post-holiday greeting for friends and colleagues. A little bit whimsy, a little bit design nerd…. I’m back, babies - Happy New Year! [Chicago, IL]